Your Starting 5 for $15

Saw this on Twitter from @pinwheelempire and thought I'd repost it here if anyone wanted to play along.

Starting 5 for $15

Given the choices available, I would choose the following...

1:Andre Miller ($2)

2: Clyde Drexler ($5)

3: Wes Matthews ($2)

4: Jerome Kersey ($4)

5: Zach Randolph ($2)

I think we have a some crafty ball movement from both Dre and Kersey, good shooting and point of attack D from Wes, steals and buckets galore from Clyde, and when all else fails, a solid post game from z-bo.

If it were the healthy version of Greg Oden, I'd probably swap him in for Z-Bo and take Sheed at the 4.

How would you build your team?