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Kevin Durant Reiterates Trade Request to Brooklyn Nets in Meeting

The 12-time All-Star still has his eyes set on a different situation, according to Shams Charania.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

On June 30, former league MVP Kevin Durant sent shockwaves up the NBA circuit by requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. In a meeting today with Nets owner Joe Tsai, Durant doubled down, reiterating that same request, per Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium.

Charania notes that Durant essentially made it clear that Brooklyn would be in a “them-or-me” situation, either trading away the talented forward, or parting ways with second-year head coach Steve Nash, along with general manager Sean Marks. In a different report, he mentioned that Durant lacks faith in the Nets’ direction at this point in time.

Despite being a 33-year-old with a combined 40,768 combined regular season and postseason minutes on his odometer, Durant showed little sign of slowing down in 2021-22, again threatening as one of, if not the premier player in the NBA. In 55 games, Durant averaged 29.9 points per game — his most since his 2013-14 Most Valuable Player campaign — along with 7.4 rebounds and a career-high 6.4 assists per game on efficient 52-38-91 percentage splits.

As it stands today, Durant is locked into a four-year, $198 million extension that he signed during the summer of 2021. In the article, Charania says that Durant intends to continue being “resolute” in his stance.