Timberwolves haters?

I've seen many posts where people don't believe the Twolves are contenders and it just baffles me. So I wanted a dedicated thread for it and hopefully many responses.

I can't see the Twolves finishing below 4th in the West and I think they ultimately will compete for 1st. I don't care if every team has perfect health, I think that Twolves squad is the best starting 5 in the league. Russell, Edwards, Anderson, Towns, & Gobert. Give me a better starting 5. They may need time to gel and develop as teammates but then again they didn't add ball dominant players, they added defenders to this roster.

Depth wise they have Forbes and Rivers at the guard and serviceable forwards in Paschall and Prince. Regular season wise I'm sure we will see other guys but when playoffs come I see these players as the ones who will be on the court.

I see a 60+ win team unless injuries derail the season. There's also the fact that aside from Rivers and Gobert, every player on this team is under 30. I think Minnesota might have made the right move at the right time and may be able to reach the Finals. I won't doubt GSW in the playoffs until they are dethroned while healthy. The growth of Edwards is the big question for the Twolves. Regular season he was 21/5/4 on 44%FG/ 36%3pt/ 77% FT. Playoffs went 25/4/3 on 45%/40%/82%. To me that could be what propels him into this season with a swagger and confidence to improve his game and lead this team.