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Portland Trail Blazers 2022-23 Schedule

We now know the 82 games the Trail Blazers will face on their way to a title quest in 2022-23.

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The 2022-23 Portland Trail Blazers schedule for the regular season is now official. The NBA released the schedule today, and it includes a stiff test for Portland’s new lineup in the first 13 games.

The Blazers will begin the season on October 19th with a road game against the Sacramento Kings. The Phoenix Suns are Portland’s home opener on the 21st of October, their second game. Then they get a murderous back-to-back at the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday the 23rd, home versus the Denver Nuggets on Monday the 24th.

After those first four, here are the remaining games in the initial baker’s dozen (all times local to the game):

October 26th vs Miami, 7:00 PM

October 28th vs Houston, 7:00 PM

November 2nd vs Memphis, 7:00 PM

November 4th @ Phoenix, 7:00 PM

November 5th @ Phoenix, 7:00 PM

November 7th @ Miami, 8:30 PM

November 9th @ Charlotte 7:00 PM

November 10th @ New Orleans 7:00 PM

November 12th @ Dallas 7:30 PM

10 of Portland’s first 13 games come against playoffs teams from last season.

The following information was also provided on regarding the schedule breakdown.


October: 6 (4 home, 2 away)

November: 16 (5 home, 11 away)

December: 13 (5 home, 8 away)

January: 15 (11 home, 4 away)

February: 11 (6 home, 5 away)

March: 16 (9 home, 7 road)

April: 5 (1 home, 4 away)


6 games: 3

5 games: 0

4 games: 2

3 games: 2

2 games: 1

1 game: 7

Longest road trip: 6 games over 10 days (twice!)

Longest home stand: 6 games over 12 days