PDX carpet jersey

Anyone seen these jersey leaks? Personally I hope it’s real and love the blazers PDX carpet sash. I’m not a huge jersey guy, but if this is integrated into a T-shirt or sweatshirt like previous city editions I’ll be throwing my money at it. Most of the rest of the leaks are pretty underwhelming to me. Since these city jerseys are typically just for one year I don’t understand how some teams don’t get a little wilder with them. Like the Celtics, bulls, etc seems too stuck in tradition to have any fun with them. My favorite thing about them is if you hate them they are gone in a year. If you love them they become a limited edition item. The Oregon jerseys on paper I really didn’t like a couple season ago. Once they were on the court though I actually loved them. I think the city edition is a fun way to spice things up without having to alter/change a teams traditional uniform or branding. Even if they suck I appreciate the effort.