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Trail Blazers Summer League, Sale, and New Roster

The Dave and Dia podcast catches up to the offseason so far and anticipates Summer League 2022.

2022 NBA Draft Photo by Brandon Todd/NBAE via Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back with another sterling episode! Dave Deckard was on vacation last week, so co-host Dia Miller recorded with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. That means you got a great and informative Episode 84. It also means that this week, in Episode 85, you get to hear Dave’s thoughts on everything that’s happened for the Blazers since the 2022 NBA Draft! Gary Payton II! Josh Hart is back! How about that ever so sizzling Shaedon Sharpe? Jusuf Nurkic and Anfernee Simons are back in the fold! How does this all shake out? Are the Blazers making good use of their cap space and resources? Is Portland done for the summer, or are move moves in the offing?

Dave and Dia also get into the non-statement statement by Jody Allen and the Trail Blazers regarding the availability of the team for sale. Why was it important to release the information they did? Does it mean anything, or is it just a sop to nervous and curious fans? How will we know when the team really does come up for sale?

Finally, the dynamic duo anticipates Summer League. How fun will the team be to watch? Will they succeed? How might the deck be stacked for or against them? What players are Dave and Dia particularly excited about, besides the obvious?

There’s a WHOLE lot going on here, and we packed every bit into this one, fabulous episode!

You can download this episode or subscribe to the podcast here. Or just click embed on the player below!