Sharpe was clowning his teammates @ Kentucky - the back story.

Watching some Sharpe highlights this morning and ran across this pre-draft video of some Detroit Pistons content creators and they're debating whether to take Sharpe with the #5 overall pick in the draft. Check the 4 min mark in the video you'll see one of the guys is claiming to have 'inside information' as to why Sharpe sat out this past season... he said something to the effect that Sharpe was "COOKIING" the other Kentucky players in practice, and that if Sharpe had come out, he'd have lowered the draft stock of his teammates.

It sounds like they (kentucky) was redshirting Sharpe in the hopes he could lead their 2023 team to a natty. Sharpe looked around at his teammates... and decided he'd be going pro. This is all of course complete speculation but since content is at a premium right now... I think Kentucky only had one other player drafted here's a link to the top 60 big board where they had Sharpe at #5.

Bottom line, if Sharpe stayed in school, he'd be the #1 overall pick next year.

Here's some fresh Sharpe highlights I found which was my original mission this morning.