Kaminsky, Isaiah Roy, Lance Stephenson, Iguodala sign 2 of the 4 guys please!!!

We need one more big right? I like Ebanks but I'm hearing he's more of a 3-string center than a backup. So, there isn't to many centers' left to choose from that would fit in a 1-year deal or one of our vet minimums contracts. Frank Kaminsky score last season on us (Portland) 31 points a career high. He has been bouncing around the league since being drafted. he kind of reminds me of Porzingis. Can shoot the 3-play pf & center duties. Isaiah is similar but not as tall. We could also use some help on the wing that isn't 6'5 or shorter. Nas will need a legit sf to help him. Iggy has pedigree experience a true small forward that could mentor our guys about being champions on the bench and in the floor of the game. Some of you might not like Lance he can hit and occasion 3 pointer and great at getting in opponents head on defense. We need two of these type guys on our roster to round out the roster at 3/4 and 4/5. If we need to move one of the guys in the 11 to 15 spot to make it happen. So be it!!!