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The Greatest Portland Trail Blazers “Fireworks” Moments

On this Fourth of July, we ask for the memories that got you out of your seat and made you go, “Woooooo!”

The Procession Of Candles, On The Occasion Of The Antoniano June In Rieti Photo by Riccardo Fabi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

In the United States, July 4th marks Independence Day. However one feels about the holiday, it brings up certain traditions: taking the day off work, eating outdoors, and especially fireworks.

I love big fireworks displays, the professional kind. I remember carrying my kids on my shoulders when they were little, heading out with blankets and picnic foods, talking and playing until the evening fell and the show began. The colors were fantastic, We’d always talk about which ones were our favorites. Then I’d lift their sleepy little selves back into my arms, carry them back to the car, and they’d usually be asleep by the time they hit the seats.

A lot of people like to light fireworks at home too, the store-bought kind. We’ve done this a couple times, but never regularly. They scare the bejeebers out of the neighborhood pets, including my dogs and cats. Nowadays, though my kids are tween/teens, I find myself cuddling huge, derpy black labs on the Fourth of July, making sure they know the things going BOOM outside aren’t going to hurt them.

Fireworks come in many shapes and sizes: some little, some big, some more memorable than others. The NBA has fireworks too! Sometimes a big trade, signing, or other event will make us sit up in our collective seats and go, “OOOOOOOOHHH!!!”

If you’re reading this site, you’re probably a Portland Trail Blazers fan, or at least adjacent. So we’re asking you on this holiday, what was your biggest Trail Blazers “firework” moment? What memory in your Blazers fandom pops so brilliantly that it’s etched into your mind, the very definition of excitement?

Note that we’re NOT asking this question in the abstract. We don’t want to hear about the most dazzling moment or move in franchise history! We want to hear about the most dazzling, brilliant moment in YOUR history with the franchise. Looking back on your journey with the Blazers, what event, transaction, or interaction still lights up the sky of your memory?

Share your stories in the comments below, and may you experience this holiday safely: emotionally, physically, and in all other ways.