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Is Damian Lillard Really Stuck with the Trail Blazers?

JR Smith comments, Nicolas Batum dreams, and Kevin Durant trades highlight the Dave and Dia podcast!

2022 NBA Summer League - Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back on the air! This week Dave Deckard and Dia Miller bring you Episode 88 of Dave and Dia. The summer has gotten super hot and so has the steam coming out of Dia’s ears as she hears former NBA star JR Smith talk about Damian Lillard “rotting” in Portland as the team fails to build a championship contender around him. Dia holds that this is a massive insult to Lillard. Dave argues that the slight is more against the Trail Blazers. What do you think? And how long do you suppose this Dame talk will go on before people let him play in peace?

The dynamic duo also look at Nicolas Batum’s comments that he’d love to resurrect the 2009-10 Trail Blazers, minus all injuries, for another run. Why did Batum pick this season? Who was playing, what were the prospects, and what other years might have been prime candidates?

Kevin Durant gets another rehearsal, this time in connection with the Boston Celtics, who seem eager to trade for him. Will KD ever find a happy home? And what’s the best play for the Brooklyn Nets long term?

You’ll find these topics and more in Episode 88 of Dave and Dia! Don’t miss it!

You can subscribe to the podcast or download the episode here, or just click play on the embed below!

Stay safe and sane in the heat, everyone!