Free Agency Fork in The Road

The Blazers have made a few moves so far this offseason, netting Jerami Grant to build around Dame's timeline, and then drafted Shaedon Sharpe around Dame's timeline? Ant was also signed to a whopping 4 year $100m contract, which was followed up later with Gary Payton II being brought in with a 3 year $28m check.

What does this mean for the Blazers?

There's likely still a move or moves on the board we don't know about. Hopefully. Because currently the roster has 7 guards 6'5 and under. Portland also doesn't have a starting Center, and even if Nurk re-signs, they'll need a quality back-up big (several of them flew off the shelf in Day 1 of free agency).

With Simons and Payton II being signed that means they are off the trading block. So now the only other options to slim down Portland's guard addiction are to trade: Hart, Keon Johnson, or Louzada. Maybe the rights to Sharpe can be included here as I don't think he's officially signed yet but one has to wonder how much value he has without playing a single NBA minute yet.

It is possible they shift Hart to the starting SF role, with he and Nas also playing back-up PF minutes. That would leave some time to be filled by Sharpe who they claim they want to develop. With the addition of Payton there really isn't much playing time left at the guard positions.

So either Portland has some trade in the works to balance out their roster. Or Blazers fans could be treated to another season of 3-guard line-ups.