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Should Blazers Trade For Knicks Forward Obi Toppin?

Portland is in need of a power forward.

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are looking for some frontcourt help this offseason, and might have a potential trade partner in the New York Knicks, who could be interested in dealing 2020 first-round selection Obi Toppin.

According to The Athletic, a trade idea for the Knicks could be sending Toppin and the 11th pick, along with an additional first-round pick in 2023 from the Dallas Mavericks (top 10 protected) for the 7th pick, and last year’s rookies Keon Johnson and Greg Brown III.

If the Blazers strike out on getting a significant piece for the No. 7 pick like Jerami Grant or OG Anunoby, this deal could be worth taking.

The Blazers still get a lottery-level talent while also netting a young player with a lot of potential in Toppin.

The piece in particular that’s striking is the 2023 Mavericks pick, which could be used at the trade deadline to get the team a win-now player when assessing where the team is midseason.

The cost for all of this (moving down four spots, Keon Johnson and Greg Brown III) isn’t enough of a dealbreaker for the Blazers to turn this down.

While the Blazers have the potential to net a bigger fish, this deal should definitely be in consideration for Portland if it was offered.