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O’Connor: Blazers Are Targeting Bradley Beal

The Ringer’s NBA writer has outlined the Blazers’ offseason highlighting potential targets and assets they could use to snag them.

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Offseason rumors involving the Portland Trail Blazers are becoming an almost daily-occurrence as the draft and free agency edge close.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor has spelt out where the Blazers are as far as current assets as well as players they are allegedly targeting, including Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine, Miles Bridges, Jerami Grant and John Collins.

League sources say the Blazers are exploring trades for veterans who can help Damian Lillard lead the team back to the postseason.

Bradley Beal and Zach LaVine are potential targets, according to sources. Lillard befriended Beal through their experience with Team USA, and the Wizards star has a player option for next season.

Sources say another player to keep in mind is Hornets forward Miles Bridges. Pistons forward Jerami Grant is often mentioned as a target for the Blazers, but the same logic applies for Bridges.

One other player frequently mentioned to be on Portland’s radar is Atlanta’s John Collins, who is a lob threat that could provide more defensive versatility than Jusuf Nurkic.

O’Connor also suggests the Blazers as a potential partner for the Sacramento Kings who may be keen to trade down from the fourth pick if Portland was to put up the seventh pick and someone like Josh Hart.