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Call Your Shot: What’s Portland’s Big Move?

Here’s your chance to say you told us so.

Phoenix Suns v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The debate of the week surrounding the Portland Trail Blazers—here at Blazer’s Edge and across radio and internet waves nationwide—has surrounded potential trades during the upcoming draft season. The Blazers own the seventh pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. They have the ability to create cap space and they hold couple shiny trade exceptions. That combination of options leaves them in conversations for trades, sign-and-trades, draft wiggles, and just about every kind of possibility imaginable.

As we take stock at the end of the week, we’re no closer to a solution. Some options seem more promising than others, but none is a one-shot quick fix to Portland’s problems. Every advance has a drawback, every move space left open.

You’ve heard all the major possibilities by now. You’ve also had a chance to think about them in detail. We’re going to summarize below, then ask you to call your shot today.

It’s presumed the Blazers will make multiple changes this off-season, but they’ll get one shot at a primary move to set up the team for the near future. What do you think that move will, or should, be and why? If you were General Manager Joe Cronin, which of these options would you go with?

Here are the major rumors linked to the Blazers so far. Presume there are NO SWEETHEART DEALS here. Getting major players will require trading starters in addition to picks and/or young players.

Call Your Shot

  1. Blazers trade the seventh pick, a veteran, and maybe a young player to the Phoenix Suns for center Deandre Ayton.
  2. Blazers trade the seventh pick and young players to the Atlanta Hawks for forward John Collins.
  3. Blazers trade Milwaukee’s 2025 pick and players to the Detroit Pistons for forward Jerami Grant.
  4. Blazers trade the seventh pick and prime players to the Chicago Bulls for guard Zach LaVine.
  5. Blazers trade the seventh pick and a young player to the Toronto Raptors for forward OG Anunoby.
  6. Blazers trade down in the draft for a lower pick and a mid-rotation veteran.
  7. Blazers trade down in the draft for two lower picks.
  8. Blazers use the seventh pick themselves, keeping the player they draft.
  9. Blazers will make a trade not listed here, using the seventh pick as a base. (Please specify.)

Now’s your chance. Which one of these moves makes the most sense to you? Comment below and call your shot before draft day!