Available come Free Agency: Rondo, or Goran Dragic, Dwight Howard or Derrick Favors

We need pick up a back-up point guard and center. These guys are attainable for the low. We keep striking out on the big fish (Bamba, Ayton etc... When we could focus on fish that has championship experience or least know their roll. We don't have to mortgage the farm for. Lineup: Dame, Hart, Little, Grant, Nurk/ bench: Rondo or Dragic, Ant & Sharpe, Mattise if we continue pursuing him & Walker, Winslow, GB & Watford plus Dwight or Favors also resign Ebanks if possible. That would give us good defense like we never had before plus a potent offence. Some would need to be sent to G league or be kept on 2 way deals probably to keep the 15th spot open.

Who would you pick between the four?