Could the Blazers trade for Kevin Durant? CBS Sports thinks so.

Looks like Brooklyn Bridge is falling down! At least in terms of crumbling on top of its basketball franchise. With Kyrie and the Nets heading toward an impasse on negotiating a new contract, with him wanting more guaranteed money than his $36M opt in for ‘22-23, all signs are pointing to an eventual sign and trade. Where he goes, who cares? No one will be looking to send significant assets back for a talented headcase with his track record of dragging teams through the mud on his way out. This news has Kevin Durant now questioning his future with Brooklyn. Since his dreams of competing for titles there now appear to turning into a nightmare, CBS Sports ranked all 29 teams and their chances of landing the Slim Reaper.

In their estimation, the Blazers rank #4 as being the most likely KD trade destination. I believe KD has said he’d never want to come to Portland because they were the team that passed on him. But if he’s matured at all to realize that was two regimes ago, and with knowledge that Phil Knight is looking to purchase the team, could he change his tune. He and Dame appear to have a good relationship, and would go together like peas and carrots on the court. It would also be a chance for KD to shed some of his "ring chaser" reputation, by shunning a super team, and trying to put into the orgnaiz work of pairing with Dame to challenge the Warriors.

For KD, this could be awesome for his legacy. First by showing some maturity and swallowing his pride by going to the small market team that passed him over in the draft. Some humble pie would be a nice thing to see from a high profile athlete. Secondly, he finds the value in Dame that he never got out of Kyrie, and sees them capable of dominating. Third, he gets to battle the Warriors after all the smack talked to him about tagging along for a couple rings. There’s a lot of material here to work with for his potential motivation in considering Rip City.

What would it take to get him? Well, Durant has 4 years remaining on his current deal that pays him $43M next season. Almost exactly the same as Dame. If Durant asked out (which his teammate Ben Simmons just set the precedent for signing a Max Contract and then asking out), could the Blazers pry him away with the following package:

BKN Receives: Ant Simons (signed and traded. New contract starts at $22M, but his BYC trade value is $11M), Eric Bledsoe (final year guaranteed at $19.4M), Nas Little ($4M), and the rights to Shaedon Sharpe.

POR Receives: Kevin Durant

Brooklyn starts a rebuild with this and whatever they can get from trading Kyrie.

Portland new starting 5: Dame, Hart, Nurk, Grant, Durant. That’s some serious firepower, that would also need some good bench signings this summer. Perhaps it could be the time for some ring chasers to give the Blazers a look on the vet minimum?

As crazy as this sounds, there’s never been a more realistic time for KD to become a Blazer since the 2007 draft. Keep in mind that KD (still off his torn Achilles) will be making a whopping $53M at age 37.

Yes? No? We can’t compete on an offer? Who else goes after him? Should we see if we can get Simmons for Bledsoe and parts instead?