Draft Night's Big Winner?

No lie, I'm stoked the Blazer's grabbed Shaedon Sharpe with the #7 pick this year. He and Dyson Daniels have been in my Top 3 all off-season, with Jaden Ivey in there as well. I know, I know, why does PDX need another guard? The draft is about talent, and in my mind these 3 have all of it. Time will tell, but I am confident, and would even put a money on it. We also turned '25 Bucks into Jerami Grant.. an okay acquisition, but ultimately a stop-gap measure to keep Dame happy, and ensure the team sells for closer to $3B, than the $2B Uncle Phil offered.

But for every silver lining there is a storm cloud.

What I saw Detroit do this year has filled me with envious green jelly. Detroit over the past 2 years has grabbed Cade Cunningham (stud, cerebral, assassin), Jaden Ivey (stud, athletic, downhill, assassin) and Jalen Duren (potential almost as high as SS). Their cupboards are stacked! And I only wish our FO had the cajones to pony up to the bar and say it with their chest, "We're not competing for 1st Round Exits Anymore! We want a Ship!" And actually mean it.

The same statement Detroit made back in 2018/19, to stop struggling as a middling playoff contention team and build a contender through the draft. They took our '25 Bucks and turned it into Jalen Duren.. Now I would have drafted Tari Eason or Mark Williams personally, but still a great move on their part. A move we could have made, a move we should have made.

Oooooohh could you imagine a young Blazer core of:

PG - Anfernee (23, 6'3" with 6'9" wing)

SG - Sharpe (19, 6'5" with 6'11" wing)

SF - Little (22, 6'5" with 7'2" wing)

PF - Eason (21, 6'8" with 7'1" wing)

C - Bamba (24, 7' with 7'10' wing)

But I digress... WE KEPT OUR PICK! Thank Beelzebub almighty, we kept our pick. So who do you think was the big winner of this year's draft?