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Cronin: Shaedon Sharpe is Capable of Competing Right Away

The Portland GM faced the media to discuss tonight’s drafting of Shaedon Sharpe and Jabari Walker

2022 NBA Draft Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers General Manager Joe Cronin spoke effusively on Shaedon Sharpe, who the team drafted with the seventh pick in Thursday night’s 2022 NBA Draft.

Cronin confirmed his staff had pursued all possible uses for the pick, whether it be trading up, out or down of the draft. However, he said the franchise believed in the 19-year-old who he said would be able to compete next season.

“This time we worked the phones so diligently from the post combine on on trade discussions, player swaps, pick swaps, while continually evaluating the draft.”

“As the process went on we became more and more enamored with pick #7. It became, ‘you’ve got to wow us to move this pick.’ In the end, no one wowed us. There were some players we pursued.”

“I think he’s talented enough right away. Talent wise he’s very capable of producing.”

Cronin conceded that scouting Sharpe was a unique task given the lack of visual data on the young Canadian wing, who committed to Kentucky but never suited up. But Cronin said he was confident in the work his team had done in analyzing the young talent.

He said from here the Blazers would continue to pursue all options to ensure the roster improved.

“We’ll continue working the trade lines and working for upgrades ,and when the time comes in free agency we’ll look to address specific needs.”

Finally, Cronin spoke about Jabari Walker who was taken by the Blazers in the second round with the 57th pick. Both he and Sharpe are expected to compete at Summer League next month.