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Blazers Host 6 Prospects in Final Predraft Workout

Who came to visit Portland?

Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

The final wave of workouts for the Portland Trail Blazers came Monday, and six potential prospects came to the pacific northwest to audition for a spot on the team moving forward.

Here’s a brief recap of some of the day’s biggest events:

Dominick Barlow (Overtime Elite)

As a 6-9 forward, Barlow could be an option in the second round for the Blazers. Playing in the fairly unknown Overtime Elite league, Barlow didn’t receive as much media attention compared to his other draft classmates. However, his size and athleticism brings a lot of upside.

Hugo Besson (New Zealand Breakers)

Another fairly unknown prospect, Besson played in the NBL last season, which has fully established itself as a true NBA prospect pipeline. With Anfernee Simons sliding into the starting lineup full time next season, Besson could be an interesting lead guard off the bench for the Blazers.

Malaki Branham (Ohio State)

Branham is the headliner in this group and could be a late lottery pick. If the Blazers traded back with a team like the Oklahoma City Thunder (No. 12) or the Atlanta Hawks (No. 16), Branham could be the pick. He’s likely to be a small forward in the NBA and could be a nice third scoring option for the Blazers if he fully matures into his best self.

Tevin Brown (Murray State)

Brown is likely someone the team could target if he makes it to undrafted free agency. There’s potential for him to be the pick if he makes it to No. 57, but look for Brown to be an option after the draft.

Ismael Kamagate (Paris Basket)

As a big man, Kamagate could be a longterm project. He stands at 6-11, but needs to work on his offensive game if he’s going to make a home for himself in the NBA.

Taze Moore (Houston)

Moore is another undrafted free agent option for the Blazers. As someone who’s been on the college scene since 2016, Moore isn’t the youngest prospect the Blazers have met. However, coming from a competitive school like Houston after five years at Cal State Bakersfield, he’s improved a ton over the past year.