Simple Trades

Portland trades Josh Hart and Keon Johnson to OKC for OKC's Derrick Favors and #12.

Why does OKC makes this trade? Apparently OKC is the worst 3pt shooting team in the NBA and Hart and Johnson would improve that element of OKC and they shift a player that doesn't play that much and won't given the likely position their #2 pick will play. This will benefit OKC by making the spacing better for their possible Holmgren draft pick.

Why does Portland do it? It nets them a second 1st round pick. With #7 and #12 picks the team can now have a shot at acquiring the #4 pick from SAC which is thought to be dangled by SAC.

If OKC decides to trade the #2 pick then:

Portland sends OKC Simons and Hart and the #7 pick (~30mil) and receives from OKC the #2, #12, Favors, Dort, Muscala.