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Trail Blazers Writer Jason Quick Steps Away

Citing the need for discernment and self care, a long-time media member puts down the pen.

Jason Quick, a prominent Portland media member who has covered the Portland Trail Blazers for years, is stepping back from writing to focus on other aspects of his life. Quick started with The Oregonian as a sportswriter in 1994, covering the Blazers beat since 1998. He moved to The Athletic in 2018.

Quick announced his departure in a Twitter thread today, the text of which follows:

A (not-so) brief update: I am taking a leave of absence from The Athletic to work on my mental health. I have not been myself lately. Some of my struggles have to do with coping with a series of sudden losses. Some has to do with frustrations of a changing industry and some of my struggles are wrestling with questions that are more prevalent now at 52: Am I getting what I want out of life? What makes me happy? What really matters? After the recent funeral of a friend, “Life is short” keeps echoing in my head. I want to make it count.

I apologize to everyone who has been generous enough to subscribe to The Athletic to read me. I wish I could tell you I will be back, but I really don’t know if I will. I need to rediscover my passion for writing but I can’t do it with an empty heart and unclear head.

An aside: The people at The Athletic are some of the finest around, particularly @ShotDrJr and @thatgonzalez. The support, understanding and empathy the company has shown me has several times brought me to tears. It is truly a special place to work.

Also: for years I have encountered bouts of depression. Only now have I been willing to face it and seek help … and talking about it DOES HELP. Find a therapist. Open up to your friends. Tell your boss you are struggling. Again, life is short.

So, long story short, I’m taking this summer off to get right. Maybe I will come back and tell stories again. Or maybe I’ll become a mailman. All I know for sure is that after pouring myself into telling the stories of others, I need to work on my own story.

Blazer’s Edge offers well-wishes to Jason during his time of discernment, healing, and self-care, as well as thanks for the decades of Trail Blazers coverage.