Off season roster wishes

Step 1. Trade #7 Bledsoe to Charlotte for #13 and #15 and Kelly Obure

Step 2. Trade exception + #15 Pick and Bucks pick for Toronto's OG

Step 3 Use #13 pick to select 1 of 3 players (Jovic, Duren, or Mark Williams)

Step 4 Use Mid level and sign Chris Boucher as free agent 3 yrs 33 million

Step 5 Use Bi-annual exception on TJ Warren or Nic Batum 2yrs 11mil player option on second year

Step 6 fill out roster with vets Robin Lopez, LaMarcus or back up PG

Step 7 Resign Nurk, Simmons, and Ingles (cause we can go over the cap to keep them after all other signings


PG Dame

SG Ant Simmons

SG Nas Little

PF OG Ananuby

C Nurkic




TJ Warren/Batum

Robin Lopez (Vet Min)

Trendon Watford

Drew Eubanks

Rookie 1st rounder (Jovic, Duren or Mark Williams) Jovic at best Hedo Turkalou...At worst D. Bertans others are wild cards

Rookie Two way contract 2nd rounder (Wendel Moore or Ibou Dianko Badji (Ibou is a project but big upside think Robert Wiilliams)

(we use 2 of 3 picks) Sell Pick #59 to Lakers to recoup costs

Keon Johnson

LaMarcus Aldridge (Vet min)

Kris Dunn (Vet Min)