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Narrowing Down the Trail Blazers’ Buffet of Options

Rumors have the Blazers considering more than a dozen alternatives for their lottery pick. Which one works best?

Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back once again! Dave and Dia, Episode 81 is safely out into the world. In it, Dave Deckard and Dia Miller cover all the trade rumors surrounding the Blazers: new, old, and probably about to hatch. The dynamic duo brush lightly as they head back to the past, but they trace the rumors from the beginning of the Jerami Grant days (ahhhh...remember that sweet, innocent era?) through the “teenager pushing the limits” weeks of Zach LaVine trade talk, then into the full-blown adulthood tour de force: Deandre Ayton, OG Anunoby, John Collins, Miles Bridges, Bradley Beal, and more. Nobody’s playing anymore. Portland is going to try to get a deal done. What’s it going to be? Dave and Dia offer their opinions and sort it out for you.

Side Note: Bradley Beal??? Really??? Neither host thinks it’s really possible, but one of them thinks it would be worth a look if it were.

The Draft Class of 2022 isn’t left out entirely. Dave and Dia also talk about the likely candidates at the 7th spot, one or two who might slip or rise into the Blazers’ pick area, and what Portland should do if the grand trade designs don’t work out and they’re forced to actually use their pick.

You’re going to get all this and more in Dave and Dia 81. You can download the episode or subscribe here, or just click play on the embed below!