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Jake Fischer Expands On Portland’s OG Anunoby Interest

The Bleacher Report Insider provides a little more on the Blazers’ pursuit of the Raptors wing.

Toronto Raptors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer caught the attention of Portland Trail Blazers fandom earlier this week when he suggested the team had interest in Toronto Raptors wing OG Anunoby.

He followed up the discussion on Tuesday, expanding on his Please Don’t Aggregate This podcast — sorry but this requires aggregation — 42 minutes in. Fischer hints that the Blazers might be the most active, along with the Utah Jazz, in getting the former NBA champion to Oregon.

“There’s been word going around a lot of team executives since March or so about the fact that maybe OG Anunoby is unhappy in Toronto and maybe that he wants out.”

“There’s enough information out there, in and around the league that there’s some type of friction about his role in Toronto this season and moving forward.”

“Regardless of whether the Raptors have been interested in moving him or what have you, Portland has been repeatedly characterized to me as the team that is very much trying to go make inroads to add OG Anunoby through their trade exception to go pair him with Damian Lillard.”

“For now, I just felt like it was something that was being discussed enough by people around the league. The Portland and Utah overtures is very real and that is what I had and that’s how it’s taken off today.”

You can listen to the podcast here in its entirety.