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What Have Blazers Accomplished With The No. 7 Pick?

The Blazers draft pick history series continues.

Portland Trail Blazers v New York Knicks

Of all the potential places for the Portland Trail Blazers to end up in this month’s NBA Draft Lottery, the No. 7 pick is the most likeliest position, with a 29.8 percent chance to land there.

If they received the No. 7 pick, it would be the just the second time in franchise history that the team held the selection.

The only other time came back in 1978 when the team selected Ron Brewer from Arkansas.

Brewer played 2.5 seasons with the Blazers from 1978-81 and is credited with making the first three-pointer in a game in Blazers history during the 1979-80 season. Brewer had one of his best years in 1979-80, averaging 15.7 points per game. However, Brewer regressed in 1980-81 and was traded to the San Antonio Spurs midseason. That trade was the first of six consecutive midseason trades throughout Brewer’s career, which ended in 1986.

Brewer’s son, Ronnie, also enjoyed a strong NBA career from 2006-14, playing for six franchises.

While it ultimately didn’t work out for Brewer in Portland, he was an extremely talented player the team found with the 7th pick, and if the Blazers were to land there this summer, there’s a chance they could net some talent alongside Damian Lillard with the selection.