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Trail Blazers Vintage, Superstar, and Memory

What era do you hail from and how does it shape your basketball perception?

2022 NBA All-Star - NBA 75 Group Portrait Photo by Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images

If you’re reading this site, you’re either a Portland Trail Blazers fan or a person of incredibly refined taste. With the performance of the Blazers last year and the time in the NBA calendar, chances are that Blazers fans reading this are fairly hardcore, too.

Devoted fandom is comprised of memories and experiences, inevitably shaped by the era in which they occurred. That’s why we’re conducting an informal, conversational poll this weekend. We want to know what era of Trail Blazers history you find most formative. (Likely it’s the one you grew up in, but maybe you found more enticement in later fandom...totally up to you!) We also want to know which player or players most defined that era for you, personally. Who do you associate most closely and fondly with the team? Finally, what events or memories from your era shape how you view and/or experience the game now?

Share your answers, and any other thoughts on the subject, in the comments below! Let’s find out a little more about who we are and what factors influence our perception of the team.