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Draft Preview with Ricky O’Donnell of SBNation

Danny Marang welcomes a special guest to the Jacked Ramsays podcast.

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Join Danny Marang live with special guest Ricky O’Donnell of SBNation as they take a look at the upcoming NBA Draft. Together they’ll preview Ricky’s big board - evaluating where he deviates from others, who he really believes in and who he’d rather stay away from.

Does he have a surprise #1 overall pick? Does he buy into Chet Holmgren long-term or does someone like Paolo Banchero or Jabari Smith Jr make for the safer and/or more effective play?

With the NBA Lottery less than 2 weeks away, the Trail Blazers have a 37.2% chance of jumping into the top 4 and a 9% chance of landing the number one overall pick. While it’s great to dream, the more likely scenario is that they’re picking between 6-8. With that, who in that range makes the most sense for right now and/or the future? As guard heavy as Portland is, if the best player available is guard-esque such as Jaden Ivey (unlikely to be there, but still) or Shaedon Sharpe - does Portland need to take the risk of bloating the guard position to make sure they get the most bang for their buck? Or, should the Blazers factor in Damian Lillard’s timeline and look to who’s most ready now - say perhaps Keegan Murray?

Finally, we’ll ask Ricky what he would do if he were in charge in Portland. If the pick landed Top 4 and there was an offer on the table for OG Anunoby or Deandre Ayton - would he rather have the sure thing or the rookie scale option and look more towards the future?

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