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Jacked Ramsays Live: Blazers Hire ESPN’s Mike Schmitz to Front Office Role

Danny and Brandon discuss Portland’s newest prospective hire.

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2021 NBA Draft Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Thursday evening, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Mike Schmitz - Draft Analyst for ESPN, formerly of Draft Express, was being hired by the Portland Trail Blazers to become an Assistant GM.

Since the dismissal of Neil Olshey in December for creating a hostile working environment, multiple changes have taken place. Proceeding Olshey’s dismissal, Chris McGowan resigned his position as President while Chief Marketing Officer Dwayne Hankins was promoted internally to fill the same seat. The same was true of now GM Joe Cronin, who in Olshey’s absence stepped in as interim GM until recently being given the full time gig.

Jason Quick of The Athletic noted yesterday some additional changes the Blazers have made since mid-December.

Join hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague as they took a look at recent front office moves and what that may mean for the Blazers coming up. Does Schmitz’s hiring signal a change of plans for the Draft? How will his hiring help the Blazers?

Hop on the live show and get your questions answered now!

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