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The Book on the Blazers and the NBA Draft: Up, Down, or Out?

The Dave and Dia podcast gives you the straight scoop on Portland’s best strategies in June and beyond.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast just went live with Episode 79! This week Dave and Dia boasts a super deluxe, information-packed show, catching you up with the BEST information and analysis you’ll find anywhere. One thing is does not feature, however, is co-host Dia Miller.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dia had to back out of this week’s broadcast. Since she’s THE Dia, we could not replace her with just one person, so we snagged two...that’s right, TWO...voices to fill in. Episode 79 treats you to the Blazer’s Edge Triumvirate, the council of wisdom and might as Steve Dewald of the Church of Roy Podcast and Danny Marang of the Jacked Ramsays join Dave Deckard for an all-out slugfest.

Call your friends and neighbors, because Steve, Danny, and Dave bring you up on Portland’s situation one month away from the 2022 NBA Draft. They talk about all the draft scenarios, real and rumored, including:

  • How will the Blazers use the 7th pick?
  • Who’s the best candidate there?
  • Do they try to trade up or down in the draft? If so, what are they looking for?

But that’s not all! The winsome threesome also talk about what happens if the Blazers decide NOT to use the pick for themselves. What trade rumors are solid and which are mere air? Would Portland be better off with Deandre Ayton or John Collins? Jerami Grant or OG Anunoby? Are any of those players really attainable? If not, what off-the board options might arise? How much leeway does the franchise have?

Dave, Danny, and Steve also discuss how whether the team might be sold and how might that affect things. Plus a few other items. Don’t miss this one!

You can download this episode of the podcast or subscribe to the entire series through this link. Or just click play on the embed below!

Have fun, and thanks again to Steve Dewald of the Church of Roy Podcast (dropping here each Wednesday) and Danny Marang of Jacked Ramsays (dropping all the random times) for filling in!