Grant and Wood

Not sure if teams would go for this, but here is the proposal"

Blazers trades: #7, #36

Houston trades: #17, Christian Wood

Wood is 26 and plays the 4/5. He and Nurk together would have some issues on the perimeter, but they are going to absolutely bludgeon teams on the glass. Wood averaged 9.6 and 10 rbs /game the last two seasons. Can Nurk and Wood play together? Well, Wood shot 38, 37, and 39 % from 3 on 2.3, 5 and 5 attempts per game the last three seasons. I think Wood could play the 4 next to Nurk and center when Nurk sits, giving us quality size the entire game.


Blazers trade #17, Keon Johnson

Detroit trades: Grant

I don't feel like I need to discuss this too much, but the hope is Grant comes into town and becomes a solid two way player who is a 3rd or 4th option on offense and subsequently improves his efficiency.

The team looks like:


Dame, Simons, Grant, Wood, Nurk

Starting lineup has quality size, everyone but Dame is around the same age and has enough experience to try and compete right away. The defense might struggle at times but we have insane size to make up for it and the team would be killer on offense, wearing teams down on the glass all game long.


Hart, Greg Brown, Watford, Eubanks, McLemore, Little, Winslow

The bench is a bit of a work in progress but that is going to be the case no matter what we do. We have some athletic, solid offensively and defensively players in Watford, Little, and Hart as well as a defensive specialist / hustle guy in Winslow, a shooter in McLemore, a decent budget big in Eubanks, and a young athletic forward with promise in Greg Brown.