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Orlando Magic Win NBA Draft Lottery; Blazers Pick Seventh

The lottery has been run and won, so who’s picking where on June 23.

2012 NBA Draft Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have landed the seventh pick in the 2022 Draft.

The Blazers hoped to transform their franchise this summer. But in order to do that they needed to get lucky tonight, unfortunately they dropped lower than their sixth worst record.

Below we list the 14 picks as well as the worst-to-best record from the 2021-22 season.

Pick 1

Pick: Orlando Magic

Record: Houston Rockets (20-62)

Pick 2

Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

Record: Orlando Magic (22-60)

Pick 3

Pick: Houston Rockets

Record: Detroit Pistons (23-59)

Pick 4

Sacramento Kings

Record: Oklahoma City Thunder (24-58)

Pick 5

Pick: Detroit Pistons

Record: Indiana Pacers (25-57)

Pick 6

Pick: Indiana Pacers

Record: Portland Trail Blazers (27-55)

Pick 7

Pick: Portland Trail Blazers

Record: Sacramento Kings (30-52)

Pick 8

Pick: New Orleans Pelicans

Record: New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles Lakers) (33-49)

Pick 9

Pick: San Antonio Spurs

Record: San Antonio Spurs (34-48)

Pick 10

Pick: Washington Wizards

Record: Washington Wizards (35-47)

Pick 11

Pick: New York Knicks

Record: New York Knicks (37-45)

Pick 12

Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder

Record: Oklahoma City Thunder (via Los Angeles Clippers) (42-40)

Pick 13

Pick: Charlotte Hornets

Record: Charlotte Hornets (43-39)

Pick 14

Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers

Record: Cleveland Cavaliers (44-38)