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NBA Draft Lottery Live Watch Party

The Jacked Ramsays host your video lottery gathering.

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Join Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague for the Jacked Ramsays NBA Draft Lottery, live watch party kicking off at 5 PM PST! The room will be hosted on Watch Playback’s platform where everyone will be synced up on the same feed and able to converse in real time. All you need is the login of your TV/Streaming/Cable provider to be verified and you’re good to go.

During the show they’ll be discussing, draft picks, slots, team goals for the Blazers and other franchises, which players are most likely to rise and which might fall in in the first 14 picks.

With Damian Lillard representing the Trail Blazers, the basketball gods must surely smile upon them - granting at least a top 4 pick...right? Hop on in and join the community as we all find out live just where the Blazers may pick (or what pick they may be trading) in what is the single most important non-basketball event for the Trail Blazers in a decade.

See you there!


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