Sixers' hopeless situation

Last summer I was rather hopeful of the Blazers getting Ben Simmons for CJ. I got tired waiting, but it looks like a bullet was dodged. And we have people in national media and Sixers blogs wondering if they'd have been better off with CJ. I think we should only target guys who play hard, smart and don't shrink in the playoffs. Skill and talent are essential, but it's generally over-valued. There is no way a team can win in the playoffs with Harden or Ben Simmons earning max money. Even Dame must play hard consistently to find playoff success. Jimmy Butler is a good example to learn from. The Sixers chose Tobias and Ben over Jimmy, and Harden over CJ. Rights to Ricky Sanchez pod sounds so sad and defeated. They're like the Blazers entering the 2022 trade deadline. Somehow this seems worse for the Sixers than last year's loss to the Hawks. I don't think Harden has the trade value that Ben had last summer.