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Would You Turn Down LeBron to the Trail Blazers?

Dave and Dia argue about this, and other Blazers topics in this week’s podcast!

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers are winding down their 2021-22 season. Unlike most years, that will actually open the door to more interesting conversation about the team. We’ve known since the February trade deadline that all the meaningful action in Portland will happen between May and July. Portland’s final few months of games became an extended audition for young players as the Blazers drifted ever southward in the draft lottery race.

On this week’s edition of the Dave and Dia Podcast, Dave Deckard and Dia Miller say goodbye to the year, anticipating being able to talk about happier, more exciting things next week. They also cover a couple of pressing topics. Can you believe some fans would turn down a trade for LeBron James? Dave calls those people out. CJ McCollum’s return to the Moda Center was a big deal, as was Blazer’s Edge Night. Dave and Dia look forward to next year’s potential roster, asking if one addition to the starting lineup is enough. Plus there’s plenty more of the banter and friendly argument that you’ve come to love.

You can listen to the podcast or subscribe here, or just click play on the embed below!