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What Should Blazers Fans Know About The Thunder?

The Blazers and Thunder take part in another tank-off Tuesday.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

In order to get a bit more insight on the current state of affairs of the Portland Trail Blazers’ next opponent, the Oklahoma City Thunder, we spoke to Welcome To Loud City managing editor Sarah Dewberry.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahhDewberry.

Thank you Sarah for participating in our Q&A.

The Thunder are wrapping up another season outside of the playoff picture. Are fans getting frustrated with the current direction of the team?

I feel like they are giving up and several fans I’ve spoken to believe the team will move back to Seattle within the next 5-10 years.

With the offseason closely upon us, which big man in the draft do you like the most at the moment for either the Blazers or Thunder? Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith or Paolo Banchero?

For OKC I’d love to see them get Smith because he makes a lot of tough midrange and three-point shots and he’s one of the best shooters in the upcoming draft class.

If the Thunder win Tuesday night, what would be the reason why?

It’ll be because head coach Mark Daigneault really inspired the guys to not end the season on a losing note.

What is one thing you want Blazers fans to know about the Thunder that can’t be seen through box scores?

The Thunder are a young team. They are a tight group of guys and they are fun to watch play.

What is your prediction for Tuesday?

Blazers by 10