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Who Wins the 2022 NBA Championship?

Make your call here and tell us why.

Milwaukee Bucks v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The 2022 NBA Playoffs brackets are now set. For the first time in eight seasons, the Portland Trail Blazers are not among the 16 playoffs teams. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the postseason, though! There’s more than enough action and excitement ahead to satisfy the most jaded basketball fan, particularly since every time has some weakness or reason why they might get knocked off before the NBA Finals. Who’s your pick to win it all this year and why? Make your call right now in the comments section for bragging rights when the playoffs are done!

Here are the brackets.

Eastern Conference

1 Miami Heat vs. 8 Atlanta Hawks

4 Philadelphia 76ers vs. 5 Toronto Raptors


3 Milwaukee Bucks vs. 6 Chicago Bulls

2 Boston Celtics vs. 7 Brooklyn Nets


Western Conference

1 Phoenix Suns vs. 8 New Orleans Pelicans

4 Dallas Mavericks vs. 5 Utah Jazz


3 Golden State Warriors vs. 6 Denver Nuggets

2 Memphis Grizzlies vs. 7 Minnesota Timberwolves

Which series are you most excited to see and who do you think takes the trophy?

Personally, I love the bottom of the Western Conference bracket in terms of matchups, though you can’t really go wrong with the top half either. A lot of people will love to see the Celtics vs. the Nets, but I think Milwaukee can take out either. The Bucks are my pick to come out of the East and take it all again. Can you do better than I? Make your picks below!