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Blazer’s Edge Night Comes Tonight as the Blazers Face the Thunder!

1753 participants will be in attendance because of you!

NBA: Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

When the Portland Trail Blazers meet the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, it’ll be a special evening in the Moda Center. The excitement has little to do with the records or prospects of the teams involved. By all accounts, they are marginal. Both franchises are aiming for lottery nirvana this year, not the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

But tonight, 1753 children, youth, and chaperones from around the Portland-Metropolitan area will descend on the arena to watch this game, thanks to you. Donations from Blazer’s Edge readers made the evening possible. Because of you, people who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to see their favorite team play in person will get the opportunity. It’ll be loud. It’ll be joyous. It’ll be part of a 15-year tradition, broken only by the pandemic in 2020-21, making sure we pass on fandom—and the spirit of giving—to a new generation.

1753 participants, though huge, is slightly lower than the last couple events we held pre-COVID. The virus situation kept people on the fence for most of the winter. 1753 was a comfortable fit, given the situation.

I will let you know, though, that over the last couple weeks we’ve gotten request for more tickets that, sadly, we did not have this year. So next year, prepare for the burst of joy that comes with 2000, 2200, or more participants cheering for the Blazers for a night!

If you’re in the arena tonight, stop by and say hello. The Blazer’s Edge staff will be there somewhere. We’ll try to update you about the section via Twitter @DaveDeckard. Enjoy looking around and seeing all the smiling, yelling, stomping wonder of the evening!

Next year, we hope you’ll help us get the event back to full force, so we can write the folks we didn’t have tickets for this season to say, “Hey! Come and bring all your friends!”

Thank you for providing this opportunity. Enjoy the game tonight! I and 1700+ friends will be there, doing it right alongside you.

Edit: Looks like Section 226, Row N is the place to be!