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Source: Blazers Are “Front Runners” For Jerami Grant

The Blazers have their eye on the prize.

Atlanta Hawks v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers’ interest in Jerami Grant could possibly be the worst-kept secret in the NBA.

The Blazers inquired about Grant at the trade deadline, but the Detroit Pistons were not intrigued enough by Portland’s offer.

However, since the deadline, the Blazers acquired the New Orleans Pelicans’ lottery pick, and Grant will enter a contract year. It makes the Pistons more likely to trade him, according to James Edwards III of The Athletic.

Portland’s going to find itself in an interesting situation where they could have a high draft pick coming up… Maybe if it’s high enough, it’s an offer the Pistons can’t refuse. If Jerami gets traded anywhere this offseason, it’s going to be Portland. It feels like Portland is still the front-runner.

Edwards appeared as a guest on the HoopsHype podcast with Michael Scotto, and he believes that there is more urgency to trade Grant in the offseason than there was at the deadline.

I think a lottery pick would be the kind of sweetener that would do it (get Detroit to trade Grant). Portland is obviously heading towards that trajectory. It wasn’t all the way clear at that point at the deadline. Troy was in no rush to get something done at the deadline. My gut tells me that Portland really makes a legitimate push and goes and gets Jerami.

There might not be much competition, but Portland is competing with itself at the moment. The team wants to retool and sees Grant as the best option to get Damian Lillard the co-star he needs.

It’s far from a guarantee, but being the “front runner” heading into the offseason is the place you want to be.