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Could Lillard, Nurkic, and Jerami Grant Revolutionize the Blazers?

Plus Nurk yeeting phones, wins and losses, and more in the latest episode of Dave and Dia!

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back with another week of fun and hilarity! Or, well, considering how the Blazers are doing, it might be more like comic irony? Either way, Dave Deckard and Dia Miller bring you Dave and Dia, Episode 71. Damian Lillard is “officially” out for the season. The injury bug appears to be biting any player who strings together more than two good games in a row. Jusuf Nurkic is encouraging people to ditch their mobile plan, or at least their mobile phone. Jerami Grant is the hottest name on the off-season trade rumors list. How would hit fit in next year’s projected lineup? Portland is losing, but there’s the occasional game against the Brooklyn Nets or Detroit Pistons that looks pretty good. Does it mean anything that some of the current Blazers are starting to become 20-point scoring threats? Dave and Dia discuss all these things and more!

You can download this episode of the podcast or subscribe to the series here. Or just hit play on the embed below!