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Video Shows Jusuf Nurkic Throwing Pacers Fan’s Phone

Evidently the Trail Blazers center had enough of one Pacers fan.

Portland Trail Blazers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Jusuf Nurkic threw an Indiana Pacers fan’s cell phone following a Portland Trail Blazers loss to the Pacers on Sunday afternoon. Indiana site Setting the Pace tweeted video of the incident. They cited an unnamed Instagram story as the source.

Portland got blown out in the game, 129-98. Comments under the video suggest that the young fan had been “chirping” at Nurkic all game long. That is unconfirmed.

In the video, the young fan appears to be holding the phone to video or photograph the court as Nurkic approaches. The fan says something that the audio doesn’t catch, then Nurkic takes the phone and tosses it over the fan’s shoulder. The fan responds almost immediately, “Why did you throw my phone?” The video cuts off as Nurkic turns away and security steps in.

Nurkic did not play in the blowout loss. He has been inactive since Portland’s February 24th game against the Golden State Warriors, recovering from a foot injury.

We will update this story when, and if, more information becomes available.