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Blazers’ Trendon Watford: “We Just Want To Compete”

Following the loss to the Hawks, the rookie spoke with the press.

Portland Trail Blazers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers’ rookie Trendon Watford spoke with the press after the loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Watford spoke about the flow of the game, including how Trae Young got hot and that let the Hawks build a lead. Asked about his performance, Watford said he is getting more comfortable on the floor.

“Oh yeah, I’m just getting better. I’m getting more comfortable with my shot, you know, finding my spots. You know, I can still do better. There’s still some things that I can still work on and I’m gonna continue to get better, and just keep going from here.”

On playing alongside Drew Eubanks, Watford said it’s easy.

“Drew has high IQ just like me so you know it’s pretty easy playing with him, and you know, one thing I know about Drew is he’s gonna give me this all every possession. He’s a competitor like myself and that’s what I like to see.”

He spoke positively about the role Anfernee Simons has played in his own development as a player before discussing where the team is at right now.

“Coming out of all this stuff, man, we was getting beat by 30. now, like I said, when we had that practice a few days ago, everybody got on the same page and now we just compete. Like I said, we’re young. We just want to compete, give it our all, you know, just give ourselves a chance to win, and I think we had a chance to win tonight, and unfortunately we didn’t, but you know I think everybody’s starting to see the progress with us young guys and some of the vets.”