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Details on Draft Pick Provision for Trail Blazers from CJ McCollum Trade

We now know what picks the New Orleans Pelicans owe Portland in various scenarios.

2021 NBA Draft Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Portland Trail Blazers traded CJ McCollum, Larry, Nance, Jr., and Tony Snell to the Pelicans for Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Josh Hart, Tomas Satoransky, and Didi Louzada. The deal also gave Portland two future second round picks and a 2022 first round pick, if that pick falls between the fifth and 14th spots.

If the Blazers’ newly-acquired 2022 first round pick from New Orleans doesn’t convey to the team this summer, the franchise now knows what draft compensation it will receive in the future.

According to writer Christian Clark, if the Pelicans hold onto their 2022 first round pick, the Blazers will instead receive a top-four protected 2025 first round pick from the Milwaukee Bucks.

If Milwaukee’s 2025 first round pick lands in the top four and doesn’t end up going to Portland, ESPN writer Andrew Lopez confirmed the Blazers would then receive two future second round picks from New Orleans. Those picks would be “the better of New Orleans’ and Portland’s 2026 second round pick” and a 2027 second round pick.

This means that if the Pelicans’ 2022 first round pick lands either in the top four or outside the top 14, Portland’s acquired draft capital becomes far less valuable.

Portland will be watching the Pelicans and McCollum with great interest for the rest of the season. If the Pelicans make a run to the Playoffs, it’ll cost Portland an important roster-building tool.

New Orleans currently sits in the Play-In field at 10th in the Western Conference standings with a 22-32 record.