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Quick Analysis of the Trail Blazers Powell-Covington Trade

Dave Deckard and Dia Miller unveil a new mini-version of their podcast!

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have traded Norman Powell and Robert Covington to the Los Angeles Clippers for guard Eric Bledsoe, forward Justise Winslow, and rookie guard Keon Johnson, plus a second-round pick. News of the trade broke earlier today, and to this point, the reaction of Trail Blazers fans has been fairly negative. Saving cap dollars at the cost of two veteran forwards with at least moderate perceived value wasn’t exactly the kind of NBA Trade Deadline deal folks were dreaming about.

You can read an analysis of the trade here. You can also read Steve Dewald’s excellent synopsis of Johnson, the most hopeful of the three trade prospects, right here. But that’s not all. Today we’re unveiling a new feature at Blazer’s Edge, Dave and Dia Daily!

You’re already familiar with the Dave and Dia podcast. Each week Dave Deckard and Dia Miller give you an earful of analysis and chatter about all the things happening with the Blazers. Dave and Dia Daily is a condensed version, 4-7 minutes of the dynamic duo talking about a single topic, quick-form. It’s great for your ride to work or finishing those last 200 ab crunches. (Or, depending on your style, Nestle’s Crunches.)

Contrary to the title, we’re not releasing these bite-sized podcasts daily yet. We’ll start with a couple times a week, then work our way up. And no, they won’t be replacing the usual longer podcast. They’re little pick-me-ups until you can get to the big weekly show.

The major trade of the year seemed like the best time to start the D&D Daily show, so here you go! Six minutes of Dave and Dia belching flame-fired analysis on Roco and Norm for cap space!

You can download the episode here, or click play on the embed below!