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Barkley: Blazers Need To Completely Rebuild Now

The TNT analyst has urged Portland to trade Damian Lillard and start again.

UFC Fight Night: Vieira v Tate Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

TNT Analyst Charles Barkley has delivered his verdict on the state of the Portland Trail Blazers: it’s time to rebuild.

During last night’s half time show, the former MVP said it was too late to re-tool around Damian Lillard and called on the Blazers to trade the six-time All Star as soon as possible. He claimed the team’s youth were too inexperienced to help Lillard compete when he returns to the court.

“They gotta get rid of Dame first, that’s the biggest piece to go. But I hated watching them play in this first half.

“A lot of these guys be getting these empty calories. I’ve said it before. They’ve got to trade Dame, start the rebuild.”

“I don’t want young Simons and those other guys developing bad habits and right now they’re developing bad habits. They ain’t no good.”

“Dame is on the back side of his career, Dame’s going to make $50 million over the next two years and he wants another contract and he’s going to be like 36 years old and he’s going to be making $55 million and they’re not going to win.”