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Jacked Ramsays: 1 On 1 with Anfernee Simons

A deep dive into Ant’s development as a player this season.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks

On a special 1 On 1 edition of Jacked Ramsays, Danny Marang is joined by Trail Blazers guard Anfernee Simons to take stock of where everything sits as it pertains to this version of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Anfernee talks about the backing of the Trail Blazers organization and how after a great deal of change, he’s finding himself in new and exciting territory.

The discussion shifts to what Simons is looking to focus on after the All-Star break. While he discusses playmaking, defense, and all the normal parts of player development, he also points out a larger change that’s taking place for him right now.

From there, we discuss taking on the mantle of primary option every night and every obstacle that an opponent throws at him every night. How is he adjusting and what is he looking at going into the summer to get to the next step in his development? There Simons highlights wanting to read the floor like Chris Paul: where it’s second nature and you see everything.

One of his signs of development over the last year has been his ability to get to the rim, but he has also added one of the most lethal floater games in the NBA. Simons talks about applying feedback from the coaching staff regarding getting to the rim instantly.

Simons goes on to talk about his emotional investment, adding things to his game immediately, how his father was shocked by his passing growth, his relationship with coach Chauncey Billups, and a whole lot more.

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