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In-Season Tournament Unlikely for 2022-23

League Commissioner Adam Silver spoke on Saturday ahead of All-Star events.

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2022 NBA All-Star - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

As the NBA looks at different ways to adjust its product on and off the court, various tournaments have been discussed as a possibility. Ahead of the events on All-Star Saturday, league commissioner Adam Silver spoke to the media regarding the play-in tournament for the NBA Playoffs as well as an in-season tournament. While Silver is “pleased” with the play-in, it is unlikely the NBA will move towards the in-season tournament next season, reports Joe Vardon of the Athletic.

“Related to that, to me, in terms of trying new things, then does it make sense to look at some other concepts we’ve talked about, like an in-season tournament,” Silver said. “In some ways, the players have been more receptive to the possibility of an in-season tournament, because the Play-In has been a bit more successful.”

In the past Silver has discussed a “mid-season tournament” and backed off that specific language Saturday night, opting for the broader “in-season” additional competition. He also said there wouldn’t be any new tournaments next season.

Silver also spoke regarding trades and tampering.

What a tournament could add to the Portland Trail Blazers’ season is an interesting proposition. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.