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Blazer’s Edge Seeks Video Analyst, Game Recapper

Can you break down basketball plays and write well? Come be a part of our staff!

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Blazer’s Edge is looking for a contributor to break down game video and recap Portland Trail Blazers games. Basketball analysis is the primary characteristic we’re looking for, followed closely by proven writing ability and a knack for translating basketball concepts into understandable language. We’re not looking for someone to prove to the world how smart they are. We’re looking for someone who can watch a play, find the teaching moment in it, then explain to the world why it matters. Being able to watch a game and identify factors that contributed to the outcome is also part of the job.

This is not a generalist position. You will be writing game recaps and video-based submissions, not opinion columns, trade suggestions, and the like.

If you have the necessary skills and proven ability to write, if you’re passionate about basketball and the Trail Blazers, and if you can commit to regular writing alongside an enthusiastic, knowledgeable team of Blazer’s Edge staff members, send enquiries and writing samples to Dave Deckard at Writing experience is a prerequisite. Modest stipend available.