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Bill Walton to Be Featured in ESPN “30 For 30” Documentary

The Portland sports icon is going to be the subject of an ESPN documentary.

Portland Trail Blazers Photo by NBA Photo Library/NBAE via Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers icon Bill Walton was the face of the franchise during the 1970s, the most successful era of the team.

Now, Walton’s career with the Blazers and his life is set to take center stage with a future ESPN “30 for 30” project.

As pointed out by Ben Koo of Awful Announcing, ESPN released a series of trailers earlier in the week and found a snippet of footage for a potential Walton doc.

It appears that the current title of the documentary will be The Luckiest Guy In The World, a phrase he has uttered throughout his career and life.

This wouldn’t be the first time ESPN has documented Walton’s life and career. Back in 2003, ESPN aired a seven-episode limited series titled Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Trip which looked into his family life.

According to Koo, the documentary is still in the earliest stages of development and will not be released until 2023 or possibly even 2024.