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Post-Trade Deadline Buyout Market: Bledsoe One To Watch

John Hollinger of the Athletic looks at the options.

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Orlando Magic v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Following the NBA trade deadline, attention now turns to those contracts that could hit the buyout market within the next few days. According to John Hollinger of the Athletic, he expects the Portland Trail Blazers to release Eric Bledsoe, who was recently acquired in the trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. Hollinger notes that Bledsoe is an important name to watch.

4. Eric Bledsoe, PG, Portland – It’s not a given Eric Bledsoe is bought out, as he has a partial guarantee for next season ($3.9 million of his $19.3 million total). However, he’s pretty clearly not in the Blazers’ plans, as one could deduce from him sitting out his first two games as a Blazer with a “sore Achilles” after not showing up on a Clippers injury report all season and playing each of their first 54 games. This might be a negotiation where Bledsoe’s freedom depends in part on his willingness to give up more than just a minimum salary. Otherwise, he might figure into some offseason cap machinations for the Blazers and thus be worthwhile to carry on the roster even if he isn’t asked to do much.

Also of interest is that Robin Lopez, the popular former Blazers big man, is also likely to hit the market by Hollinger’s estimation.

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