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Clyde Drexler Congratulated Damian Lillard on Breaking Blazers Scoring Record, Says Son Adam

One Blazers great passed the torch to the other.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Portland Trail Blazers Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Some Portland Trail Blazers fans may be wondering why there hasn’t been any social media content of Clyde Drexler congratulating Damian Lillard on breaking the franchise scoring record earlier this month.

Well, just because it’s not on the internet doesn’t make it true.

Locked on Blazers host Adam Richman questioned on Twitter why Drexler hadn’t made a statement about Lillard’s accomplishment.

If Clyde can’t do a lil video on his phone saying “cool stuff my dude” I am going to be hard pressed to consider him the Greatest Blazer of All Time.

But Clyde’s son Adam then responded to Richman’s tweet with an answer.

Do you one better, he personally called and talked to both Dame and Chauncey. Congratulated them both, and wanted the moment to be 100% about Dame.

Adam then explained why his father chose to congratulate him privately rather than making a public statement.

My father loves Portland. He is a very private guy, he doesn’t do social media or many interviews. So it’s easy for Portland fans to get angry because he’s not parading through the streets. But if you’re a true Blazer fan you already know he’s always been a quiet, humble guy.

There may not have been some grandiose public passing of the torch from Drexler to Dame, but it appears there is a mutual respect and admiration that the top two Trail Blazers of all time have for each other.